Get a record deal by 1989

…and save Johnny Gherkin from military school.

Mini music management in 64x64 pixel-o-vision.

The rumour races through Petra's town: a Fony Music rep will visit at the close of 1988, handing out a record deal to the band with the fans. Meanwhile, if Johnny doesn't "shape up", his dad's gonna send him to military school. So Petra's getting the band back together.

With Petra on guitar, Vin on drums, Jen on the mic and Johnny himself on bass, they'll write rad songs, practise hard and maybe even get that totally bitchin' record deal. Together… they'll save Johnny Gherkin.

How to play

  • Z key: Perform Actions
  • X key: See Band Statistics
  • Arrow keys: Move Petra

Browser support

  • Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera all work great. You can even use a gamepad if you want. Safari is also good.
  • Okay: Brave browser. (Audio only works if you allow third-party fingerprinting. I'm not sure why this is yet, sorry.)
  • Not recommended: Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer show the game as blurry rather than it's natural, pixelated state.


Made with ♥︎ by Tim Knauf in PICO-8. This is my very, very late entry to #LOWREZJAM 2018.


A huge thank you to Sharon Knauf, Craig Warne, Peter Curry,  Annie Kyles, Jay and Zoe for testing. And thanks to Joanna Knauf for her advice on this page.

Development log


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Awesome idea and the realization is straight to the point.
I do games about playing in a band and this inspired me.


I love the premise, and I love the game. I think it would add a lot of interactivity if you replaced most/all of the task loading-bars with minigames, something musical for the practices and gigs


also if there was some sort of time limit, such as certain tasks making time progress in weeks until 1988


Thanks Speed Strike, and I completely agree! Maybe one day I'll make a sequel. ("Number #1 by '91"? 😉)

This was an excellent game. The music was really good, and the gameplay and progression was balanced really well. 

Thank you for the kind words! It's lovely to hear that folks are still playing and enjoying this.


I love the music! Did you make it yourself?

Thank you, and yes, I did! It was all made in the built-in PICO-8 music editor.

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I Love it :D

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it!


Simple and tons of fun!

Yay, that's exactly what I was going for. :-) Thank you!


Short, but sweet!

:-D Thanks!

Thanks for the continuing nice feedback, folks! :)


super cool game

Thank you! :-)


Awesome game

Glad you enjoyed it, cheers!


super cool game

Thank you!


Great game!

Thanks Paul!


Amazing work. love the concept and execution. Thanks for making it :)

Thanks for your kind words; glad you enjoyed it, Tom! It was a lot of fun to make. :-D